Mike started playing drums at age 5. He was in school band from 4th grade through 12th which included 2 years of jr high jazz band and 2 years of high school jazz band as well as marching band and orchestra. 

His professional career began as a sophomore in high school when he joined a family country band called Timberidge (they didn't have any drummers in the family)  based out of Cedar Falls where he continued to play until he graduated from Hawkeye Community College in 1985. He took a year off  from playing to start a new job at Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids. 

But music was in his blood and he had to get back into the music scene. This is when he joined the Dave Dighton band in late 1986. Mike left Dave in 1987 to become the drummer for the Daybreak Band where he remained for the next 16yrs 

The Daybreak band had the distinction of being voted the #1 country band 2 years in a row at Hofer's Danceland in Walford Ia not to mention having Bob (The Snake) Langhurst on steel guitar. Bob is a member of the Iowa Rock & Roll Music Association Hall of Fame. 

In 2003 as the Daybreak  Band was winding down Mike began working with Bart for the first time in the X2 band. The X2 band was unique because the guitar player and the bass player were twins as well as excellent musicians. 

In 2004 the twins decided that the regular playing schedule was more than they wanted which left Mike and Bart looking for a new home. They found it as 2 of the founding members of what is now known as 5 of Hearts.